Oct 17, 2012

Father caught having sex with his son's wife - He also impregnated her

 A senior citizen from Warren Park D is under fire from her relatives after she mauled her husband on allegations of dating his daughter-in-law. Gogo Maria Majonga allegedly bit her husband Francis Musekiwa Chako's thumb after a scuffle over the alleged illicit affair. Sekuru Chako is currently in hospital awaiting amputation of the thumb, which reportedly got infected and swelled. Gogo and Sekuru are both above the age of 70.

Gogo Maria is convinced that her daughter-in-law, Isabel Dhiriza (23), is dating and having sex with her husband in both her bedroom and her son's bedroom. She even claims that her husband could be the father to Maria's first child and not their son. Gogo Maria claims that she has caught them red handed several times and alleged that her husband has quit sleeping with her because of her old age. "Vanoti handicharara newe nekuti wachembera"

She alleged that Sekuru Chako sneaks into their son's bedroom whenever he goes to work and that the cheaters also exploit her absense when she goes to church. There are further allegetions that Sekuru Chako is forsaking and ill treating her, yet providing Isabel with everything. Gogo Maria confirmed biting Sekuru Chako's hand but claims that it was self defence.

"She is having sex with my husband and I have caught them several times. I have been quiet but he is taking my son's wife, he sneaks into her bedroom when my son goes to work. I think he is the father of her child, not my son, because his actions towards her are questionable. I have caught them several times and I have encountered semen on my blankets and I suspect she wipes the semen with my clothes. Vanenge vakamugadzira nekuti hapana chaanoona, anondituka ndikamuudza (she doesn't realise that he used juju on her)," said Gogo Maria.

She alleged that her husband is cheating on her but she could not stomach it after realising that he was dating his daughter-in-law.

"We had a fight on the day in question, he was heavily assaulting me, pinning me on the bed but I managed to subdue him and bit him. I'm still in pain, my chest and breast are painful as he was pressing me. NDAKAMUTI BABA NHASI NDODA KUKUROVERAI CHIHURE (I said to him hubby I'm going to discipline you for your promiscuity today).

The daughter-in-law, Isabel confirmed the accusations saying she had to seek police intervention for her mother-in-law ill-treats her.

"She accuses me of dating Sekuru, but how can I date an old man like that yet I have my own hubby/ She harasses me and does so in public. She is a drama queen and she draws huge crowds when she starts shouting and everyone kusvika kwaMereki vanotovaziva," she said.

She added that Gogo Maria assaulted her after the incident (showing scars on her neck) and she rushed to the police for help. Sekuru Chako's relatives reportedly could not stomach the 'abuse' and opened a case against Gogo at Warren Park police station. She was picked up by the police on Tuesday last week and stayed in the holding cells up to Friday when she went to court.

"We went to the court but I was advised to go back home as the witness (Chako) is in hospital. I also hate this friction but he refused to refurbish my house in the rural area. This should not have happened," she said.

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